The Ultra Lite program will make you feel better and more energised that ever before, and works quickly to help you shed unwanted kilos.  Its nutritionally sound, easy to follow and is formulated to satisfy your appetite and reduce cravings.

Are you looking for a weight loss program to help you lose weight, reduce sugar cravings and offer long term results? Have you tried multiple diets with no success?

The Ultra Lite program is based on ketogenic principles, in that ketosis (burning fat as fuel instead of carbohydrate) is induced - but not at the expense of muscle and without the copious amounts of fat that many ketogenic diets contain. This program incorporates delicious, healthy whole foods into the diet. Some of the benefits of the body adapting to using fat as fuel includes improved blood lipid profile, weight loss, reduced sugar cravings, reduced inflammation and reversal or control of conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Insulin Resistance.

I offer both the Ultra Lite 5 week program (ideal for people who want to lose up to 10kg) and the 10 week program (for people who want to lose over 20kg).  Properly formulated Maintenance and Detox programs are also available.

5 week program

This comprises:

  • an short initial interview to assess whether the program is right for you (can be done in my consultation room, via Skype or even at your house) - note - no charge for this session;

  • the main consultation of 60 minutes duration in my consultation room where I explain the program to you and work to ensure you are ready  and able to make it work (prepayment is required for this); and 

  • four further review consultations of 20 minutes duration, one in each of the following four weeks.

In the initial interview, we establish your general health, your diet and your weight loss goals. You will undergo a body composition analysis which gives accurate measurements of your weight, height, body fat percentage, muscle mass and fluid levels to establish a baseline.  You will learn all about Ketogenic principles, how the Ultra Lite program works and have all of your questions answered.   You will also receive the following:

  • a manual to follow at home which includes over 150 recipes

  • a sample meal diet plan

  • 140 nutritional sachets fortified with amino acids, vitamins and minerals to ensure your body stays in ketosis (4 per day, 28 per week)

  • one pack of Ketostix urine measuring strips to monitor your progress towards and staying in ketosis.

Cost: $595  - note that prepayment is required - go to this page to pay.

10 week program

This follows the same basic format, but to make sure you stay on track, we add five review consultations, plus double the amount of nutritional sachets and Ketostix.  This program is also for those that really want to make the Ultra Lite diet part of their ongoing life, and so keep the weight off for good.

Cost: $1095  - note that prepayment of 50% minimum is required - go to this page to pay.

And don't forget - rebates are available for the program from most health insurance funds.

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